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Set ambitious travel goals and experience wondrous places. Our staff and international partners include people who are passionate about travel and providing authentic, immersive experiences that are well researched, well executed and difficult to replicate. Our clients are runners who like travel and travelers who like to run.
Our staff will also be available to assist you in any way both before, during and after each event.
We invite you to join us for a one of a kind trip with your friends or on your own. You’ll find good company here.


After 5 years of success in creating and promoting world-renowned trail races in iconic and diverse locations as far apart as Ireland and Costa Rica, from Transylvania to the Amalfi Coast, Lost Worlds Racing is taking the next big step in its growth and moving into small group travel to similar locations under the banner of Lost Worlds Travel. Lost Worlds Racing was founded on the principle that as runners began to move away from big-city marathons, they still wanted the thrill and excitement of running in amazing and new destinations.

We saw that people were training and running differently, and running longer distances off road for 3, 4 or 5 days was seen as the next challenge. Now we know that multi-day stage and even continuous races are quite an accepted part of the running scene, and attainable by any runner who sets their mind to it. We’ve seen ultra-running move from being the exclusive domain of the super-athlete to being the next step after running a few marathons.


Through our events, we’ve met that need for many hundreds of international runners. Some of the events we helped establish are now very successful in their own right, bringing in large fields of local competitors, though we still take runners to them every year as their international appeal has in no way declined.

Throughout this time, what has set Lost Worlds’ apart is that we have always sought out diverse locations to stage events, places with unique character or very different ecology. Some are ‘must visit’ places such as the Amalfi Coast, or the Giants Causeway in Northern Ireland, but others have a very different appeal. For example the Bucegi Mountains of Transylvania, which remain largely unknown and mysterious with a way of life which is still very traditional and unspoiled. This year, we have introduced packages to the virtually polar opposites of the starkly beautiful lava fields and valleys of Iceland and the soaring granite spires of Chilean Patagonia!

At our core we are story tellers and we invite you to join us on one of our trips to broaden your own fantastic stories and narratives.


The focus of Lost Worlds Travel will still be built around trail runners, but now offering you the chance to move outside single or multi-day race experiences into more immersive and relaxed trips where you will have the chance to explore and run trails in some of the best locations we have discovered.
The trips though, will go beyond simply running, but will bring runners together as a community, enjoying not only the location and its culture and regional essence, but also the company of the other runners and the organizers, both those locally based with extensive knowledge of the area and those who travel to each country from the Lost Worlds team. These will be trips where we encourage you to switch off your mobile phone, put the tablet way and reconnect with nature and yourself. To rediscover the simple pleasure of ‘going away’ – just as it used to be when you were young. We will also make it easy for couples to come, even though they not both be runners, and provide them with an enjoyable experience alongside our team.

Spending time at the end of each day eating, drinking and socializing together will be a fundamental part of every Lost Worlds Travel experience. In addition to the experienced partners we work with as local race organizers, Lost Worlds has also built a small team of professionals who have worked on and organized some of the world most iconic sports events from the United States to South America, from across Europe to the Middle East and now into Australasia and New Zealand. Some of these people are still performing at the highest levels in their sport or as local organizers. Others are deeply involved as logistics experts, safety officers at events or in the world of media and event photography and film-making. They are all united by a passion for sport, for seeing others enjoying sport and for travel to the world’s wild places. This is the team that comes together to bring you Lost Worlds Travel.

Lost Worlds’ has also, working closely with experienced partners in desert races, taken runners into the deserts of Arabia, and though these ancients sands seem to be outside our reach for the time being, we are currently exploring new options in other countries on other continents.


Photographer. Dreamer. Wanderer. Wonderer.


Seasoned life enthusiast, lover of mountains, wild places, travel and meeting new people.


Love of photography, social media and cigar… all which takes place while traveling.


Spends every weekend plus weekdays on the trail in Italy running, racing or promoting the sport of trail running.


He has more than 10 years of counter intelligence related tasks