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Lost Worlds Travel Exclusive: Fiords Cycling Adventure
2017 Schedule - Saturday August 12 – Sunday August 19 & Saturday September 9 – Sunday September 16

6 Nights/7 days Limited availability Price: $ 4595.00

Book trip with a deposit of $ 1995.00. Price increase of 20% Janurary 1st and 10% April 1st.

Included in this 7 Day Adventure Holiday


All scheduled cycling activities, cycling support crew  & ship’s crew a for Fiords Cycling Adventure.


Event transportation, breakfasts & some dinners


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Balance payment of $2600 due 120 Days In Advance of Event Date.


Once in a lifetime cycling adventure taking you by boat through the magnificent Norwegian fjords while road cycling each day. Experience the majesty of the Norwegian Fjords by both land and sea. Lost Worlds Travel is thrilled to offer our first road bike trip to Norway!

With challening elevation gain and routes along with builti in rest days this cycling adventure is well suited for intermediate to advanced cyclists.

Unique and supported Adventure
Our unique Cruise and Cycle adventure takes you from one stunning location to the next. Highlights include The Atlantic Road, Isfjorden, Trollstigan (the troll staircase), Geiranger Fjord, Hellesylt and Hjørundford. This is a truly world class bike and cruise.

You will spend each day cycling through the
most beautiful and inspiring scenery anywhere on earth. And, for peace of mind, we have arranged for a support vehicle to follow behind. Each day will include lunch at local points of interest and visits to traditional farms where you will have the chance to sample their favorite foods.

It’s hard to imagine a better way to finish off the day than by sitting back on our deck taking in the beauty of the fjords with a drink before dinner.

Experienced Team and Guides

The ship’s captain, Sven Stewart a and his experienced crew and guides have been taking small groups on ski tours of the area for 10+ years and are now in Partnership with Lost Worlds Travel also providing this service for cyclists and runners.


Trail running version of program is available by request – itineraries starting summer 2016. Contact us for pricing and details.

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PROGRAM: AUGUST 12th – AUGUST 19th 2017

Day 1: The Atlantic Road
Distance: 95km
Day 1 is flat terrain along the Atlantic Road. We will ride over and back again. This is about 8 km and has 8 bridges, really epic location. The biggest bridge is the most spectacular.
This is called the coast road and could give a really nice view of the riders going along the coastline.
**Day 1 Route

Day 2: The Longfjord (Langfjorden)
Distance: 95km
This is the longest tour. We start by the ferry at Åfarnes and go all the way around the fjord and ends up by our guesthouse in Isfjorden. Quite flat and fast until Eresfjord, which is Kurt Asle Arvesens (Team Sky) homeplace. We will ride his training-hill Vistalsheia up to about 500 metres. Some tight corners up here and also some massive mountains in the background. A nice area for some photo. Most of the day we ride along the fjord, actually 3 different fjords during the day. When we reach Isfjorden, my homeplace, the landscape changes to steep mountains, very beautiful scenery.
At the menu in the guesthouse is our Norwegian Tapas, with lot`s of local food from the area.
**Day 2 Route

Day 3:  Isfjorden – Trollstigen – Valldal
Distance: 67km
Short trip, but also EPIC up Trollstigen. If the weather is clear, we take the extra kilometers up the valley to see the Troll Wall. Trollstigen is 800 meters high, averages 10% and the surroundings are out of this world! The tightest corners are the top part after the bridge in the middle. Also really nice in the beginning when the road goes along the river. At the top the road continues uphill for a few kilometers, and then it`s all downhill and flat towards Valldal. Lot of nice green strawberry-farms down the valley towards Valldal.
Day 3 route

Day 4: Rest day
Distance: 0km
A welcome break for the legs. Explore the local area, chill out on the boat or even go for a ride! We can recommend some lovely places to visit from where we are moored.

Day 5: – Eidsdal – Geiranger – Dalsnibba
Distance: 67km
Another spectacular day of biking! Starts with a heavy uphill from Eidsdal, about 10 km over the mountain and then steep downhill towards Geiranger, maybe the most spectacular fjord we have in Norway! The road down to the fjord is called Ørneveien, The Eagle Road, and the top corner has a nice viewpoint. Down in Geiranger we start the long 22 km climb to Dalsnibba at 1476 metres, and go down again the same way to the boat. A hard but amazing day of biking. The last 4-5 km up to Dalsnibba, on the “backside” of the mountain, there are a lot of nice tight corners with very nice view towards a lake and a glacier.
**Day 5 route

Day 6: Hellesylt – Hjørundfjorden – Ålesund
Distance: 88km
Last day starts uphill again towards Norangsdalen, a really green and tight valley. Also at the end of the Valley at Øye down the the fjord, Hjørundfjorden. Another option this day is taking the ferry al the way to Standal. Could be a nice way to enjoy the fjord and the surrounding mountains and it`s also a typical thing to do in the region. We can decide before we start. We end the day at Festøya where Sven picks us up and we sail into Ålesund.
**Day 6 route

Tailored group trips   In our ongoing efforts to accommodate small group travel we can offer additional week long itineraries from June – October if you have a group of 8 – 10 and want to book the trip on any of the other available dates contact us at or