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For this adventure we travel to one of the most remote and least explored archipelago’s in the world – Palawan. This is a truly unique one-of-a-kind adventure which offers an opportunity to explore remote islands and immerse into the traditional way of life of this area. Palawan has over 1,770 islands and is known as one of the most beautiful island chains in the world. During the trip we will sail on a 74-foot traditional Filipino Paraw, navigating 200 kilometers between the islands of Basaunga, Culion, Linipacan and Palawan. Each day will be a new experience filled with exploring raw untouched islands, crystal clear bays, underwater caves, sunken ships and traditional fishing villages. Each evening we’ll anchor on a different island, spending the night in a remote basecamp, relaxing, eating fresh food and seeing the islands through the eyes of local people. This is no typical sailing trip – it’s a raw adventure for those wanting to experience nature up close and explore a part of the world that very few travelers visit.

  • 10-Day Journey Sailing the Parawan Archipelago
  • Sail on a 74-foot Traditional Paraw Yacht
  • Visit Remote Off the Beaten Track Islands
  • Immerse in Local Villages & Island Life
  • Eat Fresh Locally Prepared Meals
  • Swim, Snorkel, Kayak and Relax to Heart’s Content
  • 2 Nights Accommodation in Manila
  • 1 Night Accommodation in Coron
  • 2 Nights Accommodation in El Nido
  • 5 Nights Rustic Accommodation on Islands
  • Domestic Flights from Manila, Coron, El Nido
  • All Ground Transportation
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Palawan, which means “hero” is one of the largest archipelago’s in the world and home to the indigenous Palawano people. This unique journey explores the remote islands off Palawan’s northern coast, and travels amongst island communities that are part of a unique sustainable eco tourism enterprise that’s helping preserve the environment and local fishing and farming traditions. There are few tourists along this voyage, and is a opportunity to immerse in a culture and way of life that few travelers experience. As we adjust to a slower pace and let go of our busy daily lives we’ll connect with the island people and explore the area’s incredible natural beauty, with it’s crystal clear waters, unique limestone cliffs, white sand beaches and unique biodiversity. For the locals Palawan is known as the last frontier, and makes this truly one of the last unspoiled island destinations in the world.

Our voyage includes sailing 6 days/5 nights on a traditional Filipino Paraw sailboat. Instead of having a keel, the boat employs outriggers and is capable of sailing into shallow waters of protected bays and lagoons. The boat will be manned by an experienced 10-person crew, who know and have sailed these waters for years. While on board they will take care of your needs, taking care of all of the sailing duties, providing meals, and ensuring a safe and enjoyable voyage. If conditions are not prime for sailing, we’ll motor between islands, anchoring in a new location each day, and spending our nights ashore in authentic basecamps that are situated around local villages, private islands and secluded beaches. Here we’ll be able to kick back and relax, swim, kayak, fish, explore or nap at your leisure. There’s no pressure to be active or not – just immerse and experience this place at whatever pace you wish.

Our trip begins and ends in the Philippine capital of Manilla. Upon arrival we’ll check into our local hotel, enjoy a group dinner and evening tour. The next day our adventure begins as we take a local flight to Basaunga island. From here we’ll transfer to the fishing town of Coron and spend the night in a first class hotel.

We’ll have the afternoon to buy any last minute supplies, and meet with our crew for a briefing on our sailing adventure. The next morning we depart on our sailboat, and spend the next six days exploring the islands on our way to Palawan. Our basecamps for the next five nights are remote, and there is no electricity once we leave our port in Coron. It’s recommended that your bring a portable charging unit to change any devices during our voyage. Accommodations each night will be basic, sleeping in open native beach huts with fresh bedding and mosquito nets. There is fresh water and showers available at each basecamp, but are basic.

Upon arriving to El Nido on Palawan we’ll transfer to a local up scale resort for two nights where you’ll have a chance to freshen up and enjoy some luxury. This will be an opportunity to relax and decompress after six days of remote accommodations and sailing. We can either soak up the relaxed atmosphere, or explore the island on our final day. We’ll depart on a local charter flight the next day back to Manilla where we’ll spend our final evening enjoying the local nightlife before catching our international flights the following day.

  • Day 1 – Arrive in Manilla
    We arrive in Manilla check into our hotel, have a group dinner and local tour.
    Day 2 – Manilla to Coron
    Fly one hour to Busaunga island and transfer to Coron. Overnight stay in hotel.
    Day 3 – Sailing Coron
    Sailing off the coast of Coron. Overnight on remote island.
    Day 4 – Sailing Culion
    Sailing near Culion island group. Overnight on remote island.
    Day 5 – Sailing Linipacan
    Sailing around Linipacan islands. Overnight on remote island
  • Day 6 – Sailing Linipacan
    Continue exploring Linipacan islands. Overnight on remote island.
    Day 7 – Sailing Palawan
    Sailing to El Nido island. Overnight in local village.
    Day 8 – Sailing Palawan
    Exploring Bacuit Bay off of El Nido. Overnight in Resort Accommodation.
    Day 9 – El Nido Island
    Full Day on Private Island. Overnight in Resort Accommodation.
    Day 10 – El Nido to Manilla
    Fly from El Nido to Manilla. Overnight in Manilla
    Day 11 – Depart Philippines

Rob Harsh

Since 1993 Rob has traveled to over 20 countries leading people on climbing, kayaking, mountain biking and multi-sport adventures. He has experience as a certified Mountain Guide and Search and Rescue Practitioner, climbing mountains on five continents and is a veteran of over fifty expedition adventure races and ultra running events. Rob now enjoys developing one of a kind adventures that create opportunities for people to explore the world through conscious travel. Through bridging the gap between ancient wisdom and modern knowledge he offers transformative experiences that explore the land, culture and mythology of each destination, supporting people in stepping beyond their comfort zones, expanding their perspectives and learning universal wisdom that can be applied in overcoming perceived challenges in any area of life.

As a Conscious Coach and Energy Leadership Master Practitioner, Rob has completed studies in Meditation, Eastern Philosophy, Western Psychology, Energy & Sound Healing, Shamanic Practices and Plant Medicine. He has also coached individuals in the areas of Fitness, Nutrition, Physiology, Health and the Athlete’s Mindset. Rob holds a Bachelors Degree in Environmental Health from Illinois State University and has 20 years experience in Environmental Sustainability.


Tim Holmstrom – Guide & Photo Journalist

As a photographer, journalist or race organizer Tim has traveled to more than 30 countries in the last 25 years.

Some personal highlights include crewing on a replica of the tall ship Endeavor through the Panama Canal and Galapagos Islands. Participating in a Kava ceremony with village elders on the Fijian island of Waya. Spending days photographing Sea Gypsies on the islands off Borneo. His first significant and sobering rappel was down a series of waterfalls and basins in a canyon in Reunion Island off Madagascar. He’s trekked the Inca Trail in Peru and Annapurna Circuit in Nepal. Wandering among the high dunes in The Western Sahara under a brilliant moon. Navigating through coastal dunes of the Nordeste region of Brazil and their amazing array of multi-colored pools of water.

As a photographer he’s captured iconic images for international multi-day endurance events such as Eco Challenge and Primal Quest. He has also founded and produced successful destination races such as The Coastal Challenge Expedition Run in Costa Rica and Lost Worlds Racing and Lost Worlds Travel.

His work and travels have taken him to wild and remote destinations around the world and have allowed him the opportunity to immerse in local cultures, and break through his own barriers, shifting his perspectives of what’s possible and seeing the world through new eye’s.

“My own experiences and areas of interest have helped me realize how much I enjoy creating opportunities for people to challenge themselves. My hope is that through adventure travel we may continue to inspire people to attempt to achieve goals that may seem beyond any perceived limitations. It is gratifying to see people attempt and succeed. If they fail it is always equally inspiring to see them discover and tap into the inner resources that allow them to try again and succeed.”

  • Dry Bag for Going Ashore (25-35 Liters)
    Duffel Bag for Main Items
    Small Day Pack for hikes and excursions
    Water Bladder or bottle
    Shoes – Lightweight hikers or cross trainers
    Flippy Floppy’s
    Light comfortable clothing (shorts, shirts,sarong, sun dresses)
    Skin rash for swimming/snorkeling
  • Rain Jacket
    Insect repellant
    Sun Hat/visor
    Hygiene/toiletry kit
    First Aid Items – Small. We provide a larger kit for the group
    Headlamp w/spare batteries
    Camera & Solar Charger (limited electricity at resort)
    Snack foods to supplement standard meals.
  • Small Towel
    Ear plugs
    Disposable wipes
    Hand sanitizer
    Knife or multitool – Optional
    Journal – Optional
    Donation items for local people – Shoes, shirts, socks, sunglasses, school supplies.



    (before April 30th, 2017)

  • NORMAL PRICE: $2,800

    (after April 30th, 2017)

    Ask about our rewards program and save up to 25%.


  • IInternational Airfare
    Single occupancy option, unless specifically requested
    Tips for guides, porters and cooks
    Personal drinks, snacks, food, and gifts
    Additional lodging not outlined
    Meals not outlines or while in Transit
    Alcohol and desserts
    Charges incurred as a result of delays beyond our control
  • Skills:No sailing experience is necessary.
    Must be able to swim.
    Mental fortitude to endure heat, rainy or humid conditions, and be in close quarters with other travelers.
    This is a raw adventure, similar to backpacking in remote wilderness, and we will be out in the elements during our sailing voyage, with primitive accommodations each night. It’s recommended that participants travel light and carry no more the 20kg of luggage. There will be opportunity to leave extra items in our host hotel.
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